Mel Lee Newmin

Science fiction and fantasy author Mel Lee Newmin is a native of Lancaster, PA, home of the Amish and . . . not much else. Following a career in corporate accounting, Mel began a new profession as a fiction author.

Mel’s short stories can be found in numerous publications including Ligurian Magazine, On the Premises, Sixfold, Full Metal Horror, and Rapture. Mel’s 2021 science fiction novel, Noman’s Land, is available from Clarendon House.

Mel chronicles the exploits of Baltimore-based vampire hunter and detective, Niles Gule, in a weekly online series. Visit and to learn more about Niles as well as Mel’s other projects.

In addition to writing, Mel paints, serves as a library bookstore volunteer, and mentors other aspiring writers. Mel still calls Lancaster home, along with Jojo and Lizzy, the incorrigible corgis.